Surround yourself with newborn wildlife with a safari trip this weekend. Carys Thomas looks into what West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park has to offer.

THIS Mother's Day visitors can witness newly born Congo Buffalos at the West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park situated in Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Staff at the park have had their hands full caring for the new mums and their babies born at the park during the past four weeks.

The first baby of the year was a Congo buffalo calf born on February 23, a female weighing in at a healthy 24kgs or just over three and a half stone which has been nicknamed Connie by park staff.

Angela Potter, deputy director of wildlife, said: "Congo buffalos are a new species to West Midlands Safari Park. The four adults only arrived during 2013 and to have a female calf so soon is really good news.

"Adult Congo buffalos are strong animals that can weigh up to a ton. Their broad chests, large heads and horns are ideal for forcing their way through dense bush land and forest habitat that they occupy in the wilds of sub-Saharan Africa.

Needless to say, this species have few natural enemies. Connie is doing well and can be seen charging around with mum in the animal reserve most days, it seems without a care in the world."

Other new mums with babies born during March at West Midland Safari Park include Eland and Addax. On Mother's Day all of the exhibits at the park will be open as usual. The 92 mile trip to the park from Newport takes under two hours on average.

The four mile self-drive safari is considered the main attraction where visitors will first encounter the monkeys who enjoy hitching a ride on cars and buses. The drive-thru safari is split into sections which include the African Plains, the Grasslands, Wild Woods, Wild Asia, Tiger Ridge, Cheetah Plains, Realm of the Lions, Kingdom of the White Lions, Asian Lowlands and Elephant Valley.

Animals which can be spotted from the safari include southern white rhinos, giraffes, ellipsen waterbuck, endangered Persian fallow deer and two humped bactrian camels.

The Kingdom of the White Lions showcases the incredibly rare pride of white African lions which are usually found in Timbavati.

The park itself hosts a discovery trail which visitors can take part in a scratch card quiz during the trail and experience the sea lion theatre where Californian sea lions showcase their skills with daily 15-minute shows.

The animal encounters centre allows you to meet hands on with small exotic animals. The park also has a reptile world which features crocodiles, snapping turtles, boas, pythons more than 5ft long, highly venomous cobras, vipers and rattlesnakes.

The on-site theme park has 28 rides and attractions which include a 30m plummet on Venom Tower Drop, Wild River Rafting and the Congo Carousel ride. For toddlers there is a Tiny Tots Theme Park with a selection of rides and attractions designed for them.

West Midland Safari Park and the Adventure Theme Park is open daily until November 7, 2014.

Standard admission prices are £17.99 for adults, £12.99 for children from three to 15-year-olds and £15.99 for concessions. For more information visit