SOME of the most heartbreaking cases I see in my office are those where elderly constituents have been scammed by increasingly clever and sophisticated techniques. That’s why it’s great to see Trading Standards and Age Cymru making May their scams awareness month.

The campaign will highlight the four main sources of scams; by post, telephone, internet and on the doorstep, and aims to generate more awareness and protection for older vulnerable people.

Last year at least 1,000 unwanted doorstep calls were reported to Trading Standards plus more than 1,600 mail, phone and internet scams. But these figures are probably the tip of the iceberg.

Age Cymru say that only around 5 per cent of scams are reported, meaning that as many as 50,000 scams and unwanted doorstep calls could be happening every year in Wales with many older people being targeted.

I’ve raised the issue of the growth of Green Deal scams in my constituency in Parliament, and support the campaign’s aim not only to raise awareness, but in its call for more ‘no cold calling zones‘, and more thought from the UK Government on how to work with internet providers, Royal Mail and telephone companies to see what more can be done.

Following a strong lobby from MPs from the All Party Parliamentary Steel Group, the Government announced in the budget that there will be help for energy intensive industries like steel.

This has been welcomed by TATA but they have told the Chancellor that the timing of the changes remains an issue as they will not come in until 2016/17. Given the difficult news from Orb recently it’s important to keep pressing the case.

Even though last week the European election focus was firmly on the Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg debate, it’s great to see Newport’s Jayne Bryant, who is standing to be a Labour MEP, out campaigning where it matters - on the doorstep.

Jayne grew up and went to school in St Julians. I know all who have the chance to meet her will be impressed by her grasp of the issues and commitment. It’s wonderful to see such a talented Newportonian being given the chance to represent us in Europe