WE FIND it difficult to believe that we are still featuring reports of people left waiting hours for ambulances.

But not a month seems to go by without us hearing of at least one such incident from some part of our patch.

Today we are carrying the story of 86-year-old Clarice Davies who had to wait almost three hours for an ambulance after falling while out at the Newbridge Memo.

Tragically, Mrs Davies died a few days after her fall.

Her son Garth Davies realises that his mother’s death was not a result of her lengthy wait for an ambulance last month after she died from complications after surgery.

But nonetheless, he is furious that his elderly mother did have to wait so long, mostly on the floor, cold and in severe pain.

And that is perfectly understandable.

Time and time again it seems the ambulance service in Wales just does not live up to expectations.

Once again, we reiterate it is not the frontline staff who are at fault, and once they arrived they carried out their job professionally.

But the system of how the service is managed is still not right after what must be years of debate and complaints.

Surely it is now time that our ambulance service was brought up to scratch. The Assembly Government needs to grasp this issue and get it sorted once and for all.