It seems like only yesterday that the First Minister of Wales celebrated yet another tranche of powers being handed over to the Welsh Government and informed us he now had all the "tools" he needed to "get on with the job".

But just as spring follows winter, one law giving further powers to the Assembly will inevitably be followed by another.

Last week we began the job of devolving some borrowing powers and a referendum that could see a 10 per cent rise in income tax. As if this isn't enough, "Silk 2" (don't ask - I've only got 400 words) will probably recommend giving Assembly Members control of our police.

At least the Scots are being given a vote on whether or not they want independence. Here in Wales it is happening step by step.

Powers only go in one direction - to Cardiff. Although it may take a few decades, we are on a one-way street that could ultimately destroy the United Kingdom.

The Welsh Government is happily wielding its new powers to target e-cigarettes.

These are much safer than the real thing as they only emit water vapour and therefore do not affect the health of anyone standing in the vicinity. But nanny stateists are trying to get them banned because they don't like their fag-like appearance. If someone could make one that resembled an organic broccoli spear then maybe the busybodies in Cardiff Bay could be persuaded to butt out.

It was splendid to see Paul Flynn MP using his column to remind everyone about my views on climate change and the benefits system. Maybe next time he could also mention my stance on immigration and the need to scrap the Human Rights Act and deport foreign criminals and terrorists. At this rate, I could appoint him as my press officer.

It is not as if I try to keep my views a secret. On Monday, April 14 at 6.30pm I will be debating climate change with Sustain Wales and the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W) at the St Mary’s Priory Centre in Abergavenny.

I will point out that the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years. Pushing up energy bills for homeowners and businesses in the UK won't make any difference to global temperatures – although the hall will be full of green activists, so I expect them to rise temporarily above Abergavenny that evening.