Last week’s picture showed St Julian’s Methodist Church at the junction of Caerleon Rd and St Julian’s Ave.

We moved into the area in the early 1940s, and I remember girl guides used to meet in the church and the cubs and scouts further up in the scout hut. I joined 1st Newport cubs when I was 10.

When I was 13 I had a job at The Maypole. All the groceries were delivered on my bike, when I wasn’t doing that I was allowed to help in the store, cutting and weighing butter and cheese.

I have great memories growing up there, everyone was warm and friendly. My mother used to buy us sticks of arrow-root from the chemist, Ben Evans. The area has remained busy, even today.

Mr James, Cwmbran

Caerleon Road at junction with St Julian’s Rd, showing the Church. It hasn’t changed much except the road is a lot busier.

Jim Dyer Stockton Road

Your pictures show how little the scene has changed over some eighty years. The open-top trams were still running in the early Thirties when my family moved into the district after moving down to Newport from Tredegar with the Whitehead Steel Works.

To the right of the junction we have St Julian’s Avenue terminating at the top with the open fields which later were to provide a site for the new Comprehensive School. In the meantime it provided a good place where the boys could play football. Out of sight to the left is the Durham Road School.

In those days the Council ran a policy of keeping the sexes well apart and we rarely saw any of the young girls during attendance hours.

Cyril Highman, Newport

There is a tram in the ‘Then’ photo so this must date the picture to pre-1937 when the trams stopped running.

At the top of the Caerleon Road incline there is Bank Street on the left which led down to the St Julian’s quarry and brickworks.

Later, when the works ceased to be, the quarry filled with water and was used by many of Newport’s anglers.

Later still the quarry was drained and after draining was used as a landfill site, when full it was grassed over becoming the Glebelands Park.

Dave Woolven, Newport

The picture shows St Julians Methodist Church with Caerleon Road and St.Julians Avenue. The Church had a large hall with a stage. I used to go to Sunday School there and also to the youth club.

David Scott - formally of Bank Street