A NEWPORT teen who admitted assaulting another teenager was given a community order yesterday.

John Harding, 18, of Kipling Hill, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Jacob Dorrington on August 17 last year.

Sentencing him to 220 hours of community service, Mr Recorder Richard Williams said: “You arranged for him to be confronted and confront him you did.

“You delivered more than one blow and the injuries are those in the medical report.”

He was also fined £250, ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and a further £250 towards prosecution costs.

Newport Crown Court heard Harding has lost his job as a result of his conviction.

The court heard that the defendant lives with his parents and that he has no means of paying the fine at the moment.

Harding, who was 17 when he committed the attack, pleaded guilty on the first day that he was due to stand trial.

The Argus previously reported how Mr Dorrington, now 18, walked home following the incident holding his top in his hand, as it had allegedly been pulled off during a fight, when two police officers in an unmarked car drove by.

They could see he was injured and took him to the Royal Gwent Hospital.

He was left with a broken nose, a bloodied face and bruising to both eye sockets and to his arms.

Three other teenagers who were alleged to have taken part in the assault along with Mr Harding stood trial in March charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm as it was alleged thy had also attacked Mr Dorrington along with Harding.

But they were unanimously cleared by a jury on March 19.

After the trial concluded, family of the youths said they had not doubted their children’s innocence for a second.