TREDEGAR House could get solar panels and other energy saving measures under plans by the National Trust.

Justin Albert, National Trust Director for Wales, revealed yesterday Tredegar House is currently undergoing a consultation which could see solar panels installed.

He said: “The house uses a huge amount of oil and operates on an all on or nothing system. The money we could save could be used to put back into resources here.”

The trust have been looking at ways to save on energy with installing panels and hydros at a range of their estates which they say now use between 22 and 44 per cent less energy and have saved £750,000.

Mr Albert said: “The burning platform for Britain is biodiversity, our outdoors, woods and streams are under threat. We are facing a cliff together environmentally.

“We can’t keep driving around in Land Rovers.”

The trust have managed the estate for the last two years and Newport council have ownership of the estate.

Mr Albert said: “Community engagement, that is the success of Tredegar House. The biggest success is that it is part of the city.”

Other new projects at Tredegar House include the servant and estate workers project which involves volunteers collating information on housekeepers and other workers who have worked at the house through the years. The trust is working on opening up new spaces to the public in the next few months.