UPDATE: 2.17pm

This afternoon's grass fire is believed to be deliberate, South Wales Fire and Rescue said.

The blaze, close to houses near Comfrey Close on Barrack Hill burnt five acres of grass, bracken and trees.

Maindee crew Manager Sarralis said: “It’s not a particularly bad grass fire but it is one of the only large areas of grass in Newport.

But he added if it had been windy it would have been "a different story". He said it would have spread further and "caused more damage".

Crews from Maindee and Malpas were called at 11.55am and the fire was out by 1pm.

Residents from nearby houses congregated on nearby Comfrey Close, with many carrying cups of tea to firefighters.

One resident, who lives on the street but did not wish to be named, told the Argus that the hill is often deliberately set on fire.

He said: “This happens at least once a year. I was sleeping and then I heard this loud crackling noise, so I got up and came over to have a look.

When asked if he was concerned the flames might get too near houses, he replied: “No, none of us are worried as there’s a reen down there, separating us from the fire.”

The flames did appear to get close to some of the building of Maindy Barracks, but were put out by firefighters from South Wales Fire and Rescue before they did any damage.

UPDATE: 1.02pm

The grass fire has now been put out.

According to firefighters the blaze covered an area equivalent to five football pitches.

UPDATE: 12.23pm

FIREFIGHTERS are tackling a grass fire in Newport this afternoon.

The blaze is near near Comfrey Close/Barrack Hill and is about one acre in size.

A crew from Malpas is at the scene.