AS PUBLIC polls close for suggestions to fill the Newport Monopoly board, one location is said to be a favourite for the Mayfair spot.

The Newport Transporter Bridge looks to be in the lead to secure the place on the Monopoly board after receiving a huge amount of votes since voting lines opened.

Since the announcement that Monopoly would be coming to the city, the public was asked to vote for their favourite locations to feature on the iconic board.

In all, 22 Newport sites will replace the famous London Monopoly streets when the board hits shop shelves in October.

Landmarks including Tredegar House, Newport Cathedral, and the city’s railway station were popular, but it seems the Transporter Bridge was a favourite.

Monopoly development director at Winning Moves UK, Dan Taylor, said: “The iconic Bridge is almost certain to be one of those 22 after amassing a huge number of votes.”

Mr Taylor will play the world famous board game on top of the 177ft Transporter Bridge on April 24 to mark its popularity with the public as a location for the Mayfair square.

He said: “It’s our way of saying thank you to everyone in Newport and beyond.”