TORFAEN council is discussing the installation of CCTV in the main stand of the rugby ground at Pontypool Park to deter vandals and yobs.

The action is currently being considered, along with costings, following a campaign of abuse at the home of Pontypool RFC, which has been subjected to arson attacks, damage to the main stand, and attempts on the scoreboard.

A further arson attack was committed as recently as last week, with wood panelling at the back of the stand set alight, prompting the club to fear it could be destroyed altogether in the near future.

As a result the local authority is also seeking legal advice over enclosing the site to restrict access.

Not only would this deter vandals, who are ‘hindering the aesthetic and functional quality of the venue, and presenting a continuous health and safety concern to Pontypool RFC staff, volunteers and the general public’, a council spokesman said, but it would also allow the historic club to apply for the WRU A Licence, which would enable it to progress back into the WRU Principality Premiership division should it gain promotion.

The spokesman added: “This process, however, is an arduous one in that a covenant exists on the rugby venue of Pontypool Park, which stipulates that further legal action is required to ensure that any such developments can be approved.

“Although this process may be viewed as progressing slowly, Pontypool RFC and Torfaen County Borough Council are working constructively together to reach a suitable conclusion in the shortest time frame possible.”

He also said the council would consult the public in due course.

Pontypool RFC and Torfaen council representatives met Gwent Police on Friday, with Lynne Neagle, AM, to discuss the possible introduction of a 24-hour dispersal order at the site in the interim.

Following the meeting Gwent Police said it would be increasing patrols in the area.