A BUDDING teen dance champion is on the hunt for a ballroom partner as he aims for the stars.

Joshua Hicks is an award-winning Latin and ballroom dancer from Parc Seymour near Langstone.

The 13-year-old dances weekly at Sharon’s School of Dance in Chepstow and travels to Birmingham once a fortnight for a lesson. He has won numerous competitions and recently received nine distinctions for his gold level in Latin and ballroom.

His next goal is the open competitions which would allow him to work toward the British championships. But for the last 18 months, him and his mother, Lisa Hicks have been looking for a partner to join him, as he can’t head to the next stage of open competitions alone.

“He wants to improve but it’s just holding him back. It’s frustrating,” said Mrs Hicks.

“It’s so sad to think he would have to quit.”

Joshua started dancing when he was eight years old after his gymnastics coach recommended he give it a go.

“We are trying to get him to fulfil his potential,” said Mrs Hicks.

The ideal partner doesn’t need to have a lot of dance experience just have a passion for it.

Mrs Hicks said she has been surprised at the difficulty in finding a partner. “There’s got to be girls out there who would love the opportunity,” she said.

Outside of dancing the Year 9 pupil loves music and singing. “He’s very into the arts,” said his mother.

Dancing runs in the family as Mrs Hicks also used to dance, although her involvement is now limited to chauffeuring her son to and from lessons and competitions.

“It must be in the genes,” she said.

Joshua is 5ft 2ins and requires a partner of similar height and build that is at least 11-years-old.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join him, email lisa.hicks72@btconnect.com