CHILDREN at two hospitals were given a treat yesterday when they received Easter eggs from the mayor and deputy mayor of Newport.

Children and elderly people at The Royal Gwent Hospital and St Woolos Hospital in Newport were visited by Mayor Cliff Suller, Mayoress Christine Suller, Deputy Mayor Trevor Watkins and Deputy Mayoress Jean Watkins, who brought dozens of Easter eggs.

The group visited four wards including the stroke ward at St Woolos for a few hours as part of the annual visit.

Deputy mayor Trevor Watkins said: “There was a little girl there who had just had her tonsils taken out and was a bit down in the dumps so the egg cheered her up a bit.”

Mayor Cliff Suller said the eggs were his personal donation.

“We do it every year just to go around and see as many people as we can and see how they are getting on.”

“We give them their Easter egg and wish them a happy Easter.”

A Royal Gwent Hospital spokesman said: “The mayoral party visited four wards at St Woolos Hospital and two children’s ward at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

“The visits traditionally started with a Christmas visit but previous mayors have been visiting with Easter eggs for patients for the past few years.

“The visits never fail to put a smile on the faces of patients of all ages and we are really grateful for their continued support.”