EASTER fun came to children across Gwent this week as they flocked to egg trails at Newport community centres to uncover the clues leading to a chocolatey prize.

Phil Hughes, manager at Fourteen Locks Community Centre, said that he is expecting thousands of visitors to the centre in Rogertsone over the Easter weekend, to take part in their Easter trail activities.

“So far we have seen 80 children come along to the Easter trail. The younger children find Roger Rabbit and the older children get some questions they have to answer to uncover the clues leading to their egg,” he said.

Children aged three to 13-years-old are expected to attend the weekend activities which will include face painting. The hunt which is in its fifth year will run until April 27.

Meanwhile Newport East Community Centre also got in on the action and held its own Easter trail on April 16 which saw around 80 children take part in the search for their egg.

Chris Porthero, chairwoman of the centre said that there were more children then eggs available due to its increasing popularity.

“We had around 80 children take part but only 74 Easter eggs.” she said.

“So we ended up making additional prizes of chocolate.

She added: “It was a really good day and I was quite shocked to see how many children had turned up in the morning.”