THREE Newport men handed Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) for behaviour in the Moorland and Broadmead Park areas have lodged appeals to have them overturned.

Brothers Kyle Hooper, 21, and Calvin Hooper, 19, of Feering Street, Victoria, and Kingsley Borg, 20, of Lliswerry Road, were said to be causing a nuisance and intimidating others, at Newport Magistrates Court last month.

Specific incidents included: shouting and swearing in the street, hanging around outside shops, intimidating customers and shopkeepers, causing criminal damage by throwing stones and bricks, throwing fireworks at others and threatening violence, crime and disorder reduction officer PC Leanne Pole told the court while giving evidence.

But family members of the three men say they were never arrested or charged for any offences, and that the ASBOs are “unfair”.

The grandmother to Kyle and Calvin, Annette Hooper, said: “This ASBO is the only thing they have against their names.”

Borg’s mum Tracey Rice added: “Kingsley has barely bothered with the other boys since last year.”

Gartside Solicitors confirmed appeals had been lodged on behalf of each of them.

Solicitor Louise Warren said the Hooper brothers’ appeal would be heard at Newport Crown Court on May 2.

Borg’s hearing will take place at the same court, on May 9.

The ASBOs say the three men are not to associate with one another until March 2016.

It also says that none of them can gather in a group of more than three persons including themselves in a public place unless at any pre-organised event or associate with Curtis Hooper, Connor Hooper, Ben Thomas, or Tyler Whittington, along with a number of other restrictions.

If the order is breached then a custodial sentence can be imposed by the court.