Q: I have always grown Moneymaker tomato and had great success every year and the children love them. But recently I have also grown some of the sweeter tasting tomatoes. Which is your favourite sweet tomato and the most vigorous grower ? VW, Cwmbran

A: My favourite is Shirley, it grows strongly and produces a good size fruit with a taste to die for. Cherry tomatoes are very sweet, one of the best is super sweet 100.

Q: What is the best time of the year to prune HT Roses ? I have always pruned them at the middle to the end of March to try and avoid any frost damage. with our climate changing so much is this still the right time ? RR, Chepstow

A: I think your timing is still right. The British weather has always been unpredictable, in recent years we have experienced some extreme weather and it seems likely to continue.

Q: I have just bought some rabbits and want to let them loose to explore my garden - but are there any plants which might prove toxic to them or upset their stomachs if I let them eat them? ME, Newport

A: Its probably best to check this with your vet. You probably have some plants in your garden that if the rabbits eat would make them unwell. Rabbits can decimate plants they like the taste of so be careful.

Q: What would you recommend for some height and all-year-round interest in a small garden? BP, Blaenavon

If you have boundary fences or walls get some climbing plants growing up them. There is a huge range that can give interest almost all year round, you will also attract more birds and insects. Hardy palms are evergreen and slim and steadily go skywards and look exotic. Lollipop evergreens like bay and box will also give you height.

Tips for the week:

Start feeding your citrus plants (use citrus summer feed)

Prune fig trees now

Tie in climbing and rambling roses

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