First the good Newport jobs news.

Great that A.I.C. selected Newport for their first British investment on the Rowecord site. 250 new jobs will also be created here at the Intellectual Property Office. Newport’s unemployment rate is better than the Wales and UK averages.

Worrying is the threat to our shared services jobs that the Government want to export overseas. The Avana jobs loss is a calamity. Vulture capitalism by this one company has destroyed 2,400 jobs in the UK and devastated the lives of loyal diligent workers.

David Cameron has asked me for details. No recovery can be built by asset stripping and stamping out efficient companies.

* The welcome new investment by greatly valued Newport firm Wildings is a turning point. The Phoenix re-creation of the city centre has begun. It’s time for optimism and appreciation of our great assets.

City tourism is booming. The Roman museum attracted a record 72,000 visitors. Tredegar House trebled their visitors to 80,000. The NATO summit is a once-in-a-lifetime time chance to flaunt the treasures of our city and its hinterland.

Bury the gloom. Let pride, hope and enterprise have their day.

* The Tory War on Wales is based on a cynical malicious lie.

The independent Nuffield Trust confirms that the NHS in all four UK countries has strengths and weaknesses. None is superior or inferior.

The Tory blame game aims to distract English voters from the privatization of their NHS. The constant nagging insults our health professionals and undermines confidence. The anxiety of patients preparing for operations is increased by baseless scare-mongering.

Wales spends more on NHS patients than England, has more nurses and better cancer outcomes.

The PM’s anti-Welsh jibe on Offa’s Dyke is an insult too far. It will not be forgotten. It will never be forgiven.

* The far right fascists are on the march throughout our continent. It’s the greatest battle since the ‘30’s to win the conscience of Europe.

It’s vital to vote on May 22nd for parties with civilized principles. For the first time ever a Newport born and bred woman has a great chance of representing Wales. She is a massive fan of the Dragons and the County.

Putting a strong Gwent voice at the heart of Europe is a cause worth voting for. Let’s make it a record turnout and a celebration of the politics of idealism.