A NEWPORT forensic computing graduate is going from technology to taxis after taking over city firm Town Taxis.

After graduating with a forensic computing degree from Bristol University in July 2013, Nav Iqbal, 24, has taken over the Newport taxi firm.

Mr Iqbal, of Langstone, was already part of Town Taxis toward his last year in university and when he graduated he had the opportunity to buy it all out.

In January he signed the papers but had to wait three to four months during the business transition period before taking total control to ensure that everything was running smoothly.

Mr Iqbal said: “I have taken on a lot of responsibility.

“I am making the firm more corporate and have started in-house by making the staff and drivers wear a uniform, and I have told them how I want the company to run.

“I have also changed the logos to make the firm more corporate and I have spent a lot of time on the website as I believe that f you are going to provide a service it has to be on point."

Now Mr Iqbal is expanding the company which started off with 13 drivers but now has more than 30.

“I am looking to get new customers after expanding the business but there are customers who have used Town Taxis for around 12 years so I am hoping to set up a loyalty scheme for them and for students,”he added.

His proud cousin Kasim Ramzan, 28, a GP in Risca, said: “For many graduates these days it is hard for them to get a job, so for Nav to buy a cab firm it is fantastic.”