TWO of Wales’ major parties launched their election manifestos yesterday ahead of next month’s European election.

The Welsh Tories say they are the only party that will give British voters an in-out referendum – while Plaid claimed their party is the only one looking after Wales’ interests.

Voters will head to the polls on Thursday May 22 to choose four MEPs to represent Wales in the European Parliament.

Currently Labour, UKIP, Plaid and the Conservatives have one MEP each, elected through proportional representation.

The Welsh Tories launched their manifesto at the Welsh Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne said only the Tories would give an “in-out referendum” on the EU and promises this by the end of 2017 if they win the general election.

Much of the debate has been around immigration. Ms Swinburne said she has no problem with the movement of people to work, but does have an issue with those who “come here because our welfare is generous.”

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans, whose party launched their manifesto in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, said Plaid is the only one standing up for Welsh interests.

She said: “150,000 Welsh jobs depend on trade with the EU. We get funding for investment, training, and infrastructure.”

The party says it will fight to make Welsh an official EU language, improve rail and road links and create 50,000 more Welsh jobs through contracts.

Plaid’s MEP Jill Evans and the Conservatives’ MEP Kay Swinburne are both lead candidates for their party lists.

Derek Vaughan MEP leads for Labour while Nathan Gill is top for UKIP.