A WOMAN who says she has struggled to get cross-border treatment claims the Tory UK Government health secretary told her he’d look into the legality of Wales “closing its health borders”.

Mariana Robinson, of Llandogo, said the Aneurin Bevan Health board wouldn’t let her see her consultant in Bristol who told her she needed a biopsy after she ran out of money to go private.

Earlier this week she met UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt and asked if he could help.

She said Mr Hunt told her that he had no jurisdiction over the government of Wales but he was the fund-holder for the UK budget for healthcare abroad.

“I could in effect get my treatment in France, Germany, or anywhere in the EU,” she said.

“Mr Hunt said he would get his legal advisors to look into the legality of Wales closing its health borders to UK citizens living Wales when they are part of the EU country known as ‘United Kingdom’”, Ms Robinson said.

David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth, said Mr Hunt is looking into whether patients can seek treatment in different regions of the same state under the same EU rules that allow for patients to be treated abroad.

He said his and Mr Hunt’s feeling was that they did not allow treatment from places within regional borders.

A Conservative health spokesman said: “We are sympathetic about the case, as we are to the patients in Wales who are waiting for important tests.”