A PLAID Cymru politician has called on the second European Parliament to be scrapped, saying it does not make “financial or environmental sense”.

Jill Evans, the party’s lead candidate for Wales in the European elections on May 22, has called on European governments to unite to save more than £100m and 19,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by scrapping the Strasbourg Parliament, instead having the European Parliament permanently in Brussels.

A recent vote saw more than three-quarters of MEPs, including Ms Evans, in favour of scrapping the Strasbourg Parliament.

Plaid say they have opposed cuts to the European budget for the Common Agricultural Policy that help 80 per cent of Welsh farmers and Regional and Structural Funds for training and investment in West Wales and the Valleys, but supports reforms and cost-savings such as scrapping the Strasbourg Parliament and the European history museum in Brussels.

Ms Evans said: “It is time the European Union was modernised.

“Often, Europe is used to provide political cover for unpopular decisions agreed by national governments, to avoid taking the blame.

“The Strasbourg Parliament doesn’t make financial or environmental sense and should be scrapped.”