A FREE health and wellbeing assessment has been launched in Wales for people who are 50 or over - an estimated 38 per cent of the population.

Add To Your Life is a confidential self-assessment available online or by telephone, that provides tailored health and wellbeing information, advice, and links to support in response to your answers.

It can be accessed from computer, smart phone, or tablet at addtoyourlife.co.uk

“As people get older, they are more at risk of developing cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and other long term conditions,” said chief medical officer for Wales Dr Ruth Hussey.

“The earlier risk is detected, the greater the chances of taking action to prevent that risk from becoming a reality.

“Add to Your Life provides high quality advice on a range of health and social issues which can be tailored to peoples circumstances.

“It will also help improve access to the most effective public health services and sources of support.

“This is a real chance for people to be better informed to look after their own health and wellbeing.”

The service has been developed by Public Health Wales and the NHS Wales Informatics Service for Welsh Government.

A large number of charities and other organisations have also been involved in developing the service.

There an estimated 1,177,000 people who are 50 or over in Wales. Everyone in Wales turning 50 will be invited by post to complete the assessment.