DO YOU know someone, young or old, who’s a community hero?

The local police service looks to reward people who help them keep the peace and make communities safer and happier places to live.

Each year, Gwent Police teams up with the South Wales Argus to ask for nominations for its Good Citizen award.

This prestigious award recognises actions by members of the public for their meritorious or public-spirited actions, their bravery or their work as a community champion, all of which assists the police and the community.

Last year, the award went to a Cwmbran woman who started a campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour in her neighbourhood.

Sue Goult was so fed up with youngsters causing criminal damage, starting small fires and generally behaving badly that she collected signatures in favour of getting gates fitted in alleyways in Orchard Place, Wesley Street and Keat Close where they were congregating. It took her five long years to get them installed, but they were finally fitted last February. This year the force has a new award, the Young and Unsung prize, for those under 18 year olds who are volunteering and making a difference in their communities. There is also a third award, aimed at organisations which work in partnership with the police.

This award is about recognising the importance of working in partnership to deliver improved services to the citizens of Gwent.

It is considered a joint award and must outline clearly what partnership working has taken place, why and what the measurable outcome of improving awareness, involvement or service delivery has been.

This award is not about our everyday partnership working but new innovations, creating approaches and achieving better outcomes.

If you would like to nominate, please email

If you’d like some advice on the awards, please call 01633 838111 and ask for Alisa Quartermaine or Gail Foley. The awards ceremony is on Monday, June 30, at Christchurch in Newport.

Winners will be invited to the ceremony and will receive their award there.