POSTERS apparently advertising odd Argus stories appeared in a variety of locations across the Newport area today.

A number of readers contacted us by telephone and social media asking about the posters, which carried the Argus logo, and included headlines such as ‘Britain’s Oldest Pizza’ and ‘Milk Thefts Soar’.

But the posters are as much a mystery to us as they were to our readers.

The A3-sized posters appeared in a city centre subway, on the walls of a derelict pub in Maindee, as well as in Caerleon yesterday.

One theory is they are some form of student project or prank.

Argus editor Kevin Ward said: “They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, though I’m not sure if that is true in this case.

“The posters are certainly eye-catching but quite bizarre and definitely nothing to do with the Argus.

“If anyone knows who is responsible for them, we’d love to know.

“In the meantime, on a serious note, we have assured Newport City Council that we are not responsible for the fly-posting.”