THE system for teaching and learning Welsh in English-medium schools must change, the first minister Carwyn Jones and education minister Huw Lewis have said.

Mr Jones and education minister Huw Lewis said a number of key steps will be taken in response to the One Language for All Report, which made a raft of recommendations including that Welsh Government gives equal status to Welsh second language within the national curriculum.

The minister for education and skills, Huw Lewis, said: “In the past we have seen poor standards and low attainment in Welsh second language at Key Stages 3 and 4.

“This is simply not acceptable and must change.”

First minister Carwyn Jones said: “The Welsh language is a unique and valuable part of our identity and culture, and it is only right that every pupil in Wales – whether they go to a Welsh or English-medium school – is supported to become a competent speaker.

Among the measures will be the removal of the GCSE Welsh second language short course, promoting Welsh as a subject and as a skill for the workplace, and monitoring the take up of Welsh A-level.