ANXIOUS motorists from Newport can get some top tips on parking their vehicles safely this month from staff at a city car dealership.

Wessex Garages at Newport Retail Park is offering drivers advice to help them park their cars with ease and to stay stress free at the steering wheel.

Paul Edwards, General Manager of Wessex Garages, said: “Some people get very stressed when they are trying to park their car especially when trying to parallel park on a busy road or in a public car park.

“It is important to take a deep breath and try to relax. Parking is all about awareness and moving slowly. It is vital to check your mirrors constantly and also look over your shoulder to check your blind spot. Remember don’t rush and take your time. Never feel pressurised by other drivers waiting for you to park.

“When you are parallel parking or parking on the side of a road always try and park on the left-hand side. This will make is easier for you to see when you pull out.

“Always check there is enough space between you and the vehicle in front and behind you. It is then less likely for you to hit them or them to hit you. Another top tip is to make sure wherever you have parked your car larger vehicles can get by easily and never block pedestrian access.”

Wessex Garages is also advising people on where to park their cars. It suggests at the supermarket to park in quieter areas and away from the trolley collection points. As quite a few cars are damaged by shopping trolleys.

Paul added: “When you are in a public car park it is best to reverse into spaces. You can then pull out of the parking space and this is much safer than reversing as you have a clear view.

“Practice makes perfect and the more you parallel park or reverse in to parking spaces the more confident and competent you will be.”

Wessex Garages is a privately owned company that has outlets in Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester and Newport. It specialises in new and used car sales across South Wales and the South West.

For more information, please call Wessex Garages at Newport Retail Park on 01633 745 020, visit, follow the company on Twitter at or log on to