AFTER months of campaigning voters will get to have their say today when the polls open for the 2014 European Elections.

Voters in Gwent and across Wales were heading to polling stations to- day to pick which parties should make up the principality's four MEPs.

Each voter gets to plump for a single party on the ballot form, with the four MEPs then being selected through a system of proportional representation.

That means candidates will be elected in the order that they appear on party lists - so if a party wins enough votes for two MEPs, their first two candidates are elected.

Polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm today, but the count will not take place until Sunday, with the count in Wales starting at 6pm.

This is because the rest of the EU will not have voted until that evening.

The final result for Wales will be announced at Fishguard Leisure Centre, Pembrokeshire.

However, a figure for how many people turned out may become apparent by Friday morning.

The last EU poll in 2009 Wales saw a 30.4 per cent turnout.

The Argus will cover the result live from Fishguard on our site and Twitter - follow @ArgusDDeans.

Full results will be printed in Tuesday's South Wales Argus.

The candidates, in order of their appearance on party lists, are:

Britain First: Paul Golding, Anthony Golding, Christine Smith, Anne Elstone

British National Party: Mike Whitby, Laurence Reid, Jean Griffin, Gary Tumulty

Conservative Party: Kay Swinburne, Aled Wyn Davies, Dan Boucher, Richard Hopkin

Green Party: Pippa Bartolotti, John Matthews, Chris Were, Rozz Cutler

Labour Party: Derek Vaughan, Jayne Bryant, Alex Thomas, Christina Rees

Liberal Democrats: Alec Dauncey, Robert Speht, Jackie Radford, Bruce Roberts

N02EU: Robert Griffiths, Claire Job, Steven Skelly, Laura Picand

Plaid Cymru: Jill Evans, Marc Jones, Steven Cornelius, loan Bellin

Socialist Labour Party: Andrew Jordan, Kathrine Jones, David Jones, Liz Screen

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: Brian Johnson, Richard Cheney, Edward Blewitt, Howard Moss

UK Independence Party: Nathan GUI, James Cole, Caroline Jones, David Rowlands.