MONOPOLY fans are being asked to decide whether the Newport edition of the game should be in both English and Welsh.

Game makers are asking Newportonians whether the iconic game should be produced in just English or in Welsh as well.

This comes as the votes are in and have been counted for the customised board for the city, following an public consultation.

“The public is fairly split on this one, though slightly in favour of just the one English language,” said Dan Taylor, the London games man in charge of the design and production of this board.

Twenty two Newport property sites will replace the famous London Monopoly streets.

The Transporter Bridge will be on the board – the very first landmark to be confirmed by the makers. “It proved hugely popular in the polling,” said Dan Taylor, Monopoly development director at Winning Moves UK, who have the official license from Monopoly owners Hasbro to produce this board.

Mr Taylor says he believes the board will immortalise Newport “forever – past, present and future.”He added: “A very big thank you to everyone who has sent in nominations.”