Q: Is it too late to sew broad beans as our first batch failed completely? AG, Newport

A: Broad beans are are tough plants and are normally planted out in early spring. You can still plant now for a crop in August. Make sure they are well spaced for sturdy plants.

Q: When should my children start growing sunflowers from seed for a display at the end of the school holidays? EW, Abergavenny

A: Sunflowers should be planted now for flowering early September. The shorter varieties don't need support.

Q: I'd like to grow some ornamental grasses in a boggy area of the garden - what do you recommend? BP, Cwmbran

A: Most grasses need well drained soil in full sun. There is a group called sedges (carex) that like boggy conditions. They have bright yellow or silver variegated leaves and are clump forming.

Q: What sort of plants are best to aerate the garden pond I'm planning? JE, Newport

A: Pond plants are crucial to creating a healthy pond. They oxygenate the water,provide shade and help to clear algae. The best oxygenaters are elodea, hornwort and willow moss.

Tips for the week:

Prune back shrubs in the garden that have already flowered this spring like forsythia and camellias.

Feed borders with a general purpose feed like chicken pellets

Spray roses against black spot and rust.

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