ASDA shoppers in Cwmbran had a surprise on Saturday when they spotted an elated bride in full white wedding dress picking up drinks for her own party.

Anna Savery, 39, had tied the knot with James, 26, her partner of four years, just hours earlier, followed by a meal at the Irie Shack in Cwmbran where everyone paid their way.

“After that we decided that we didn’t want to just go home,” the new Mrs Savery said. “My mum said we could go to her house but we had to get our own booze, which was fair enough. She wanted to quickly tidy the house before we arrived.”

So the new Mrs Savery decided to pop into the local supermarket, but wasn’t expecting the deluge of well-wishes from fellow shoppers.

“People were coming up and asking me for photos,” she said. “People were telling me I looked beautiful, asking me if I’d got married that day. A little girl said I looked like a princess.

“I have been in there in my pyjamas and nobody blinked an eye. I did not expect the reaction that I got. It’s something I’m never, ever going to forget.”

The couple had planned to get hitched in August, but feared money would be tight. “I’m looking for a job but you can’t guarantee in this climate you’re going to find a job,” Mrs Savery, originally from Fairwater, said.

“We decided rather than postpone it we’d move it forward. We had a month to plan it. It was absolutely brilliant. Even though it was tipping it down with rain we didn’t care. I have married my soulmate.”

Local blogger Ben Black, who runs the website Cwmbran Life, spotted Mrs Savery as she browsed the vegetable aisle.

“She was just having the best day, laughing her head off, family around her,” he said. “I had to ask, I couldn’t just let it go. That’s what I love about people in South Wales. It’s just genuine happiness. Her other half lost his job a while back. They don’t have any money and did it on the hop. They couldn’t afford a honeymoon. I’d love it if somebody picked it up and they got a free honeymoon from somebody.”

He asked the celebrating bride if he could take a quick video, which you can find on our website.

In the video she says: “My name’s Anna, now Anna Savery. I got married today at 1.30pm at Pontypool Registry Office to James Savery, and we’re now in Asda, in my wedding dress, buying some booze for a party.”

There were cheers from family members before Mr Black congratulated her on the wedding and wished her the best.