EURO election candidates have gathered at Fishguard Leisure Centre to await news of the result of the Welsh EU poll, with counting now taking place.

Polling took place across the UK on Thursday but the votes weren't totalled until today, with counts taking place in each local authority in Wales.

There are four Welsh MEPs and three - Labour's Derek Vaughan, the Tories' Kay Swinburne and Plaid's Jill Evans - were running for re-election.

Nathan Gill was standing as UKIP's lead candidate following the decision by the party's John Bufton to stand-down.

Newport-based Jayne Bryant, no.2 candidate for Welsh Labour, was also in the running to become an MEP if Labour won a large enough share of the vote to gain two seats.

It was revealed on Friday that turnout was less than a third in most Gwent counties.

For the full results visit on Monday morning or see @ArgusDDeans on Twitter.