UPDATE: 12.27pm

WELSH Government traffic surveys brought parts of Newport to a standstill again this morning for the third day running.

Surveys were carried out along Caerleon Road, Corporation Road and Chepstow Road, and brought traffic to a standstill around the city’s cenotaph, according to Newport Bus’ operations manager Gareth Jones. He said: “It has disrupted services.”

The Welsh Government has said they will not publish survey dates in the future because they could change people’s travel plans and skew results.

Further down Chepstow Road, the manager of the Ty Hafan shop in Maindee, Mandy Porter, said she had not noticed anything unusual.

She said: “It’s pretty quiet for Chepstow Road. I didn’t notice anything. I think it has been flowing quite freely.”

UPDATE: 9.20am

PARTS of Newport have been brought to a standstill over the past couple of days as a traffic survey has resulted in traffic chaos.

Roadside interviews for a Welsh government traffic survey brought traffic to a standstill on Tuesday and Wednesday across the city, especially so during rush hour and it looks like there could be more disruptions.

The survey, which drivers were asked to free post back once completed, asked questions about the specific journey they were making at the time. Questions included where you had driven from and to and the reason for the journey. The survey aims to assess travel patterns in South-East Wales.

Drivers vented their anger online after traffic from the SDR trailed back all the way to the Coldra roundabout on Tuesday and Cardiff Road had long delays on Wednesday morning.

Writing on Facebook yesterday, Sarah Biggs said her disabled son's school transport was cancelled due to the traffic. She said: "I had to not go to work this morning just so I could take him. It's ridiculous."

Another reader left this comment on our website: "I had no idea this was happening and got stuck for 40 minutes at about 3.45pm by George Street Bridge so turned around and went back to the motorway. I was furious.

"If I was trying to get to the train station (a 15 minute journey usually) I would have missed my train. That would cost me money and could have caused huge problems with connections for deadlines, flights etc at huge expense.

"There should be warnings to give motorists the chance to choose another route."

Drivers said the lack of warning meant they had been unable to make travel arrangements to avoid the delays.

A Welsh Government statement said: "We won't be advertising the dates and locations of surveys as this could effect the results."

Commenting on the Argus website, one user known as 'Julie60h', said: "If this is ever going to happen again it must be publicised and there should be warnings."

Yesterday James Rawnsley tweeted: "Why are you bringing traffic in Newport to a standstill just so you can ask how to improve traffic flows?"

A Welsh Government spokesman said: "We appreciate the public's cooperation during these essential surveys. Travel pattern surveys are being carried out in south east Wales during May and June 2014".

"Traffic flow is being monitored and managed to minimise disruption to the travelling public.

"All survey locations have been carefully selected and developed in liaison with the police."

The traffic order, listing speed restrictions and lane closures, was made in May – printed in the legal notices section of the Argus on May 2 – and remains in force for up to 18 months. In the order, affected roads were listed as: A48 – Cleppa Park and SDR, Chepstow Road, Bassaleg Road, Corporation Road, Forge Road, Glasllwch Crescent, Malpas Road and Heidenheim Drive.

Another legal notice from Newport Council states temporary speed limits will again be in place on the A48 SDR, Forge Road, Malpas Road, Caerleon road and Heidenheim Drive from June 9 for traffic census surveys.

A Welsh Government notice printed in the Argus on May 27 scheduled further speed restrictions at a variety of locations for roadside interviews to take place.

They are: the A449 on June 8, the A449 North of the M4 junction 24 on June 9, the A40 West of Raglan roundabout on June 9, the M48 junction 2 roundabout on June 10, the M4 junction 23a roundabout westbound on June11, the M4 junction 25 roundabout on June 11 and the M4 junction 23a roundabout Eastbound on June 12.

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