Convenience store owners and managers will have the opportunity to learn about the next generation of smartphone shopping technology at an exclusive event this month.

The event, which will take place at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, will showcase the award-winning new Mini Checkout app, which allows shoppers to scan barcodes and directly charge their bank account without the need for queuing.

The app, which is targeted at Britain’s 47,000 independent retailers, was originally developed in Canada. It is being introduced to the UK market in a bid to help convenience stores steal a march on their bigger rivals by offering a more convenient and satisfying customer experience.

The event will include demonstrations of the pioneering app and a presentation on the future of retail from Langstone-based Retail Merchandising Services’ CEO, Peter O’Toole, who has more than 30 years of retail experience.

During the exclusive event, on June 24, there will also be opportunities for store owners to meet with and share best practice with other retailers and high-profile guests, including RMS’ non-executive director, Dylan Matthews, who is also CEO of the Celtic Manor Resort.

RMS’ CEO Peter O’Toole said: “Consumers want a faster, more convenient shopping experience - to be in and out in a flash. They don’t want to be stood in store waiting while a machine tells them they have incorrectly bagged their own items.

“The amount spent using cash in the UK has reduced by 17 per cent since 2009, and it will continue to decline. With customers demanding speed and convenience, this event will demonstrate how smartphones can improve efficiency for convenience retailers.

“By reducing queuing times and allowing customers to pick up a few items and scan, bag and go, this is a golden opportunity for the convenience sector to drive loyalty from younger, tech-savvy shoppers.

“By attending our event, retailers will find out how investing in mobile technology can save on the huge costs of purchasing self-scan infrastructure, while increasing their potential customer base and profit-margins.”

To attend the free event, retailers can register on