A NEWPORT tot suffered from bruising and tissue damage after her mum said a gate fell on top of her as she was on her way to school.

Four-year-old Shakira Brooks, of Barrackswood, was running ahead through the park area on Harlequin Drive, Newport, on Tuesday morning at around 8.45am when the incident happened.

The youngster was with her mum and siblings at the time making her way to Crindau Primary School.

Shakira's mum Hannah Cohen, 27, said the gate fell on top of the youngster but the gate handle struck her left foot causing injury.

Miss Cohen, 27, said the gate measured around 10ft by four ft.

Miss Cohen rushed to her daughter's aid, along with the help of her other children aged eight and nine, who managed to lift the gate off Shakira.

Shakira was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, where she has since been discharged suffering from severe bruising and soft tissue damage on her foot.

But mum Miss Cohen said she is left furious following the incident, and said that things could have been a lot worse for the tot who she said has been in 'agony' following the incident.

“I am devastated,” the mother of five said.

“I am currently taking legal action as it could have been her head that it fell on.

“She was just running in front of me when the wind blew the gate and it fell, landing on her foot.

“She was screaming.

“We are all distraught.

“I lifted the gate myself and left it where it fell on her.

“I tried to get her to walk but she couldn’t, so we got an ambulance and took her to hospital.”

Miss Cohen added that earlier that morning neighbours had complained to Newport council about the gate but action wasn’t taken until later that day when workmen mended the gate, believed to have been damaged by vandals.

A Newport council spokeswoman said: “Newport City Council wishes the individual involved in this incident a speedy recovery.

“The gate in question had been vandalised and left in an unsafe condition.

"As soon as the council became aware of this incident, the streetscene department reattached the gate to its hinges and secured it for re-use.”