FOOTBALL fans working at Admiral in Newport will be able to watch the World Cup from the comfort of their desks.

The car insurance company, who recently moved into the city centre, will be operating a special system throughout the World Cup tournament.

James Carnduff, from Admiral, said: “We offer flexible working where possible. But we have provided a system where employees can watch the games at their desks.

“It started with the Olympics, when lots of people were streaming from online.”

Now, the internal system allows people to watch sport on their computers at their desks. Employees must speak to managers about how and when they watch the games.

Mr Carnduff said: “It’s about being realistic. It’s such a huge event that we know people are going to want to watch, so it’s about providing a way to do that.

The system has been used for other sporting events like Wimbledon.

“The fact we are doing it again, shows it works well. It’s another benefit to be able to offer to your staff,” Mr Carnduff added.

The earliest games start at 5pm, with others kicking off at 8pm and 11pm, so it is of particular use to those working into the evenings on later shifts at Admiral.

Will you be watching the World Cup at work?