THERE is uncertainty as to whether Torfaen council’s performance will continuously improve this financial year according to the annual improvement report produced by the Welsh Audit Office.

Each year, the Auditor General for Wales reports on how well Welsh councils are planning for improvement in delivering their services.

But it is uncertain whether the council is likely to make arrangements to secure continuous improvement for 2014-15, according to the improvement report, published yesterday.

The Welsh Audit Office found that in 2012-13 Torfaen council’s performance had been mixed. Some services had not delivered the required improvements at the necessary pace.

The 2014 report said whilst improvements have been made to support families and children to get through the recession, further progress is needed in delivering sustainable improvements in education attainment.

Also that the council’s performance in protecting the most vulnerable adults is mixed though a majority of measures are improving.

It's performance on ensuring its resources are used wisely has been mixed with performance on reducing waste declining. The council has made mixed progress in delivering improvements on measures comparable with other councils. It is good at managing its budget and delivers essential services with less money but it needs to strengthen how it evaluates the impact of savings for services to remain sustainable in the future.

Also the council is making progress in its Welsh language provision but further improvement is needed.

The council is required by the Welsh Government to make plans to improve its functions and the services it provides and a set of improvement objectives have been set.