AN E-CIGARETTE user group has set up a petition calling for the proposed ban on the products in Wales to be dropped.

Save E-Cigs launched the petition on the Welsh Government website and the it said 100,000 people across Wales are using the devices.

The petition calls on the Welsh Government to drop their proposed ban which could include use in enclosed public spaces, substantially enclosed public places and work places.

A member of the group, Simon Thurlow, said: “In its approach the Welsh Government are going against the precautionary principle as it was originally intended, they are trying to mitigate for a risk that has yet to be proven and in doing so may do more harm than good.

“The ban on smoking in enclosed public places was introduced to benefit the health of non-smokers whose health was put at risk as a result of being in close proximity to smokers. Therefore any proposal to include e-cigarettes within this ban must also be to protect the health of non-vapers, but we know from a recent major scientific study that passive vaping is not dangerous.”

Caerphilly council and Aneurin Bevan University Health Board have already banned e-cigarettes.