Q: As a massive football fan, and because the World Cup is in Brazil, I’ve been thinking of planting some Brazilian plants in my garden – but haven’t got a clue where to start. Help! GJ, Newport

A: Many of our summer bedding plants originate from the South American tropical rain forest. Begonias come from Brazil and will provide colour right through the summer. For the house you could get some orchids which come from that part of the world and they are good value at this time of the year.

Q: What would you recommend to make our garden smell lovely at night? We like to sit outside with a glass of wine and were thinking something scented for that time of day would be wonderful. EW, Blackwood.

A: Stocks have sweetly scented pastel coloured flowers and night scented. The honeybush (shrub honeysuckle) has fragrant flowers from July to september and is a hardy perennial. The climbing jasmine gives a wonderful perfume and flowers right through the summer.

Q: When should I plant out my pumpkin plant? AF, Cwmbran

A: Pumpkins can be planted out when any chance of frost has gone so from mid may. They like plenty of water but avoid watering their leaves. For good sized pumpkins allow only two or three fruits per plant.

Q: I have an old honeysuckle plant which I’d like to move – when should I do it? FC via email

A: Ideally you should move plants in the autumn or early spring when it is cooler. If you move it now give it a good prune and plenty of water.

Tips for the week:

Slugs and snails are active with the wet weather. They can decimate certain plants like marigolds, hostas and lupins.

Spray roses with rose clear to keep their leaves healthy.

All plants will benefit from a feed now especially ones in containers.

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