CRUDE graffiti has been scribbled using permanent ink outside the newly refurbished Newport Market entrance.

The new High Street entrance opened eight months ago and was part of a £1 million refurbishment project at the 150-year-old market.

Newsagent Jon Powell, whose kiosk now has a home inside the front of the market, this morning tweeted photographs of the vandalism, which include people's names.

Mr Powell wrote: "Very angry with the graffiti all over all the new street furniture outside the market today. Respect our city?! It made me sad and disheartened when I saw it and realised it was everywhere."

The mayor of Newport, Matthew Evans tweeted back describing the vandals as a "mindless minority" which the "majority will not tolerate" while Newport city councillor Chris Evans, member for Rogerstone, said the vandals should be ashamed and tweeted: "People need to say this type of behaviour, let's stand together, and take some pride in our market quarter".

A spokeswoman for Newport council responded to Mr Powell's tweets to say they were "very disappointed to see damage to much improved part of city centre" and insisted the council was on the case to get the graffiti removed while looking in to taking action.

Work will be carried out early on Wednesday morning before the area gets busy, they said, as due to the type of ink used staff will need to use a chemical cleaner to remove it.

Twitter users asked whether the council would be looking at CCTV to try and catch the culprits.

The Argus has contacted Newport council and Gwent Police for a comment.