NEWPORT was revealed to be the UK’s quietest city as those living in the area spend the most time in silence a survey said.

According to new research from audio technology company LimitEar, it found that people living in Newport spend one hour three minutes in complete silence, more than any other UK city.

Those in Swansea spend 42 minutes on complete silence whilst those in Cardiff spend 51 minutes in silence.

The city in the UK spending the least time in silence was revealed to be Derby, with residents only spending an average of 22 minutes in silence.

LimitEar surveyed 2,000 UK residents, who were asked how long they spend in total silence discounting sleep and with no background noise, including music, TV, traffic or animals sounds.

Prolonged exposure to ambient noise and the increased use of headphones puts people at risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Managing Director of LimitEar, Stephen Wheatley, said: “We need to ensure we take our aural health seriously and having a good dose of quiet time at some point in our day is as good for our hearing as it is for our mental wellbeing.”

Do you think Newport is a particularly quiet place? Do you manage to get any peace and quiet where you are? Let us know.