A NEWPORT woman is trying to track down and thank a mystery Good Samaritan who found her wallet at the side of the road and returned it to her house.

Argus reporter Jen Mills, 26, lost the black wallet containing debit cards as well as ID on June 11 and doubted she would see it again.

But a few days later, after seeing the address on her driving licence, someone brought it around to her Dewsland Park Road address with all the money (€10 and around £15) and cards still inside.

One of her housemates answered the door and took the wallet back, letting them know she had been upset about losing it.

But he didn’t take any contact details, and now Ms Mills hopes the Argus can help her trace the kindhearted person so she can say thank you.

Ms Mills said: “I was surprised and touched when I learned someone had gone out of their way to bring back the wallet after I had cancelled my cards fearing they could be stolen. The easy thing to do would have been to ignore it or take the money so it’s good to be proved wrong. If anyone reading knows who the person was, please ask them to contact the paper as I’d love to say thanks properly.”