IT Is becoming apparent that the scale of the security operation surrounding the NATO summit will cause fairly major disruption in and around Newport.

Chief constable Jeff Farrar yesterday spelled out in no uncertain terms what we can all expect.

But he said more detailed information cannot yet be released as the operation is being controlled by Downing Street and the Foreign Office.

A frustration Mr Farrar made clear when he said the' legacy of this event might be for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and London, but we will be the ones left with ‘I couldn’t take my child to school’. That legacy will be left with the police.'

A view we share.

We have said before that the most important thing for local people was that disruption was kept to a minimum throughout the summit.

Yes we welcome the chance to have such a high profile event in the city but it is becoming increasingly concerning that there is a drip feed of information suggesting disruption will be far worse than originally promised.

We have already seen rugby and football matches moved from Rodney Parade and schools being given the option to close. Add the chief constable's warnings and it all suggests that the summit has the potential to create a miserable few days for people who live and work in and around Newport.

And that could take away some of the positives gained from hosting the event.