IF YOU are a Year 11 pupil like me, then you’ve probably started revising for the dreaded exams. You might even be reading this as a way of revising for the recent GCSE English exam that nearly everyone failed. With the bad results we just had, that extra cramming is probably stressful.

We’ve all heard about January's GCSE English results dilemma by now, whether that be on television or in this very newspaper, or if you know someone failed it. Honestly, there is just no point worrying; it will only make life worse. The only thing to do now is to start over, pretend it never happened and hope the second time goes better. At least there’s a second chance. The grade given was most likely not the grade the person deserved. I failed that exam and I had As and Bs in my previous exam, so it’s not about putting the effort in. Worrying also won’t cause that grade to change and not being so panicked and stressed you can either be more helpful to someone or to yourself. You’ll be clear in your mind, able to focus and able to think and remember what you just revised.

Can’t stop worrying? Just try and think to yourself, is it doing you any favours? Is worrying making it worse? And, also, just because one grade was bad doesn’t mean your overall grade will be.

Now, maybe there isn’t any worry about the English exam in your house. You’re one of the few who did fine and there is no English resit looming over you. What about other exams?

Maths is probably looking pretty nightmarish right now. At least in English, it’s just the alphabet to worry about. In maths, you get numbers thrown into the mix as well. But do not fret. Maths does have a positive side: either you’re right or wrong. You don’t have to interest the audience. You don’t have to suggest lots of different answers. You do have to learn a few formulae, but nothing that is worth having comes easily.

By finding the positive aspects of exams, they seem less daunting. Tell others and spread the word. Remember, a less stressed place is a better one.

You’re probably reading this thinking “She must be clever” or “Oh well, it’s OK for her. “ But the truth is that I’m not the best at anything. But, if you look at everything you’ve got coming your way positively, you’re guaranteed to instantly feel better about it all!