Q: What is the best way to get rid of ivy its growing across my garden path and it's growing in the hedge ? BP via Facebook

A: I would pull out as much of the ivy as possible.if new shoots and leaves appear i would spray with a weed killer that will kill the roots.

Q: Planted runner beans 3 weeks ago in compost enriched soil that was chicken manured in early April. The beans still have very pale unhealthy looking leaves. Have tried phostrogen, tomato food and Epsom Salts, but only minor improvement noticed. They are growing well but just don't look healthy. Could this be to do with rain over winter depleting soil more than I realised? JF via Facebook

A: It is unlikely that the rain last winter depleted the soil.Carry on feeding with tomato feed needed for flowering and fruiting.Runner beans like to be kept moist.

Q: I need to move a large ( 15-20 ft ) wisteria sinensis from the front wall of the house and transplant . I intend to cut back the main trunks and leave only the side shoots that have grown from the base , what would be the likely hood of it surviving ? RC via Facebook

A: Wisteria sinensis is grafted so be careful not to cut the main steam too low. Better to prune to a third of its size and try to dig as much of the root system up as possible - best time to do this is in the autumn.

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