A RECORD number of children took their first communion at St Patrick’s Church in Newport over the past fortnight.

Twenty-nine boys and girls aged seven to nine were welcomed into the church.

Sue Bell, from the church, said: “It was a very special day for the children and their families as it is the day that they were welcomed into the Eucharistic Family of the church.”

Father Brian Cuddihy split the children into two groups, as so many children presented themselves.

A large congregation turned out on both Sundays, and the children and their families were able to have photographs taken by a photographer.

As the children walked down the aisle the choir was led by Marie Tipping singing “We are one body in Christ”.

Sue Bell said: “It is so refreshing to see so many families in church, celebrating together. St Patrick’s Church was once again packed to capacity and as the children walked in procession at the end of mass, the hymn “Walk in the Light” was sung with gusto by one and all.”