ANOTHER report by another natioanl organisation paints a gloomy image of the retail picture in Newport

But wherease in the past such reports may not have had anything positive to say, this is not the case.

And we believe it is part of a wider feeling across the city that things are looking up.

The report by Collier's International compares the cost per square foot of renting prime location space in towns and cities across the country. Newport has seen a massive drop, a performance which does not compare well with other places.

But, a spokesman for the company said what is encouraging is the way the problem is being tackled head on by the cioty council which took the unusual and bold step of backing the Friar's Walk development in a bid to halt and reverse this decline.

And we agree.

While the city has been through a really tough time , things are beginning to change and there is a new mood of optimism.

Major investment, currently worth around £250m is coming into Newport in a wide range of developments.

Buildings which have stood empty and unused are being brought back into life right in the heart of the city.

And anyone who has visited recently can't fail to have noticed the beginnings of the Friar's Walk development which will have a major impact.

We feel that it won't be long before such reports start talking about the real progress being made.