THE flights are booked for your lads' break, family holiday or romantic fortnight with the missus – but what to pack?

Overpack and you face the wrath of the luggage scales at check-in. Underpack, and you’re forced to wash your undies in a sink as you haven’t brought enough clean pairs.

While it's true you can usually buy emergency bits once you arrive at your destination, are you really willing to risk spending the best part of your holiday wearing a pair of flamingo pink speedos by the pool, causing necessary trauma and suffering to small children snorkelling in the vicinity?

Packing for the discerning male can be a nightmare, so here’s a handy guide to get your case sorted for your summer holidays.


1. One lightweight jersey sweatshirt or plain hoodie (for those cool nights).

2. One pair of boxers and thin socks per day of trip

3. One pair of trainers, one pair of smart shoes and one pair of sandals, flip-flops or espadrilles.

4. One pair of comfy jeans with stretch; two pairs of cotton chinos.

5. Two polo shirts and two plain T-shirts

6.Two pairs of swimshorts

7. Two crease-resistant smart shirts

8. One hat, one pair of sunglasses

9. One beach towel (if appropriate)

10. Two pairs of plain smart/casual cotton shorts

Also, don’t forget your passport; travel documents; visas and vaccination certificates; driver’s license; travel and health insurance information, local currency, sunscreen; aftersun and insect repellent.

As for gadgets, you'll need your phone; camera; iPad; Kindle; portable speakers; plug adaptors, earplugs, eye mask, inflatable travel pillow and noise-cancelling headphones.

Most importantly, don't forget your toothbrush; toothpaste (they might not stock your brand of choice); shaving kit (no razor blades if this is hand luggage); deodorant; comb; hair product; moisturiser; shampoo; shower gel; aftershave. Remember, if you're only taking hand luggage, all liquids must be under 100ml and sealed in a clear plastic bag.

And here's a selection of some of the nicest holiday clothing and baggage around;

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2. Topman Denim Backpack £28

3. Marks & Spencer Blue Harbour Supima® Cotton Slim Fit Daisy Print Shirt £35

4. Topman Hype Blue Cloud Print Flip Flops £10

5. M&Co; Hibiscus Swim Shorts £20

6. Dunnes Stores, Memory Foam Slippers, £10

7. Tripp Ultimate Lite Black Cabin £99, Medium Plum £109, Large Chartreuse £129

8. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic swim shorts £53 from House of Fraser

9. Nike T-Shirt with Track and Field Logo £20 from Asos

10. ASOS T-Shirt With Crew Neck And Roll Sleeve £8