Bomb and Pistol

First attempt unsuccessful

Determined criminals

South Wales Argus:

At 9.50am the Imperial train conveying the Archduke and his Consort arrives at Sarajevo from Illdra. After inspecting the troops on the parade ground the visitors drove to a motor car aong the station road.

The first attempt when the bomb was thrown took place at 10.15am as the car was driving along the Appel Quay just before reaching a bridge. An aide de camp sitting in one of the motor cars which followed the Archdukes car was wounded in the back by fragments of the bomb and several passers-by also received slight injuries.

The perpetrator, Gabrinovitz aged 20 years belongs to the Serb-orthodox faith. It is stated that the archduke warded off the bomb with his arm and that it exploded behind the car injuring the occupants of the second car, members of the suite, one Count Von Boosru Waldeck and another the aide de camp of the Governor. Six members of the public received injuries varying from slight to severe.

The second attempt, when the car conveying the Archduke and his Consort reached the town hall, his Imperial Highness said to the mayor, 'What is the good of your speeches? I come to Sarajevo on a visit and I get bombs thrown at me, it's outrageous.'

When the procession drove back from the town hall the second attempt was made. At 10.40am as the Heir Apparents motor car reached the corner of the Appel Quay another bomb was thrown at the car, Prinzip, a Bosniak high school student also belonging to the same faith as the first bomber.

The bomb did not explode, and the assassin fired three shots from a revolver. The first shot hit the Archduke in the neck, the second in the leg and the third shot hit the Duchese of Hobenberg in the lower part of the body.

The perpretator was seized by the crowd and severely mauled.

The Archduke and Duchese were rapidly conveyed to General Potiorek's official residence. Both were past all human aid and received the last Sacrament. The Archduke expired a few moments after his Consort. The approaches to the place were then barred and guarded by the military.

Evidence of a plot

The fact that the fatal shots were fired after a first attempt had failed would seem to indicate.

According to the Times correspondent this was not merely a mad act on the part of a hotheaded student but the result of a regularly laid plot.

Whether the circumstances imply that the participants were involved in a movement spread over both their home provinces. As yet cannot be determined, but a judicial enquiry will no doubt make this clear.