The news in Vienna

The first news was received in Vienna early on Sunday afternoon but it was not for some hours that the general public learned from the typewriters that the Heir-apparent and his Consort had been murdered.

To the natural shock caused by the news of the perpretation of such crime was added a feeling of surprise that he was widely supposed to favour the formation of the Southern Slav subjects of the Monarchy into a third state on an equal footing with Austria and Hungary.

His Consort was herself a member of the Bohemian and therefore a Slav family and it was not understood why she would be the victim of Slav assassins.

So far as could be judged, the visit which came to such a tragic end had been welcomed by the population of both provinces. On Thursday evening the Archduke and Duchess had driven to Sarajevo to make some purchases and were reported to have received a hearty welcome from its inhabitants.

From another source it is gathered that reports of a plot had been circulated during the last few days and the police had taken rigorous precautions which unfortunately did not succeed in preventing the perpetration of the crime.

Great indignation was displayed by the crowd at Sarajevo and both the assassin and the bomb thrower were almost lynched before the police could convey them to a place of safety.

Effect on the Aged Emperor At Ischl, the Emperor Francis Joseph was immediately informed of the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo, and was profoundly moved by the news.

His Majesty returned immediately to his apartments, and gave orders for preparations to be made for his return to Schoenbrunn.

A telegram to the South Wales Argus on Monday states that "The Emperor Francis Joseph accompanied by his suite, left for Vienna at six o'clock this morning."