Restore your old metal garden furniture and enjoy outdoor eating…

While it’s still warm enough to eat outside, make sure that your old cast iron garden seats and table are still looking their best. Restoring them is easy and a new lick of paint gives you a whole new set of garden furniture to enjoy meals outside. All you have to do is to check out the items listed below and then follow our instructions.

Materials :

Main tool :

Dremel 8200 multitool

EZ SpeedClic™ mandrel (SC402)

EZ SpeedClic™ Detailed Abrasive Brushes (471S, 472S, 473S)

Or EZ SpeedClic™ fine/medium/coarse Abrasive Buffs (511S, 512S)

Dremel Aluminium oxide grinding wheel (541)

Other :

Wire brush – or wire brush attachment for drill

Metal paint primer

Metal paint topcoat

Paint brush - or spray paint gun, if you have one

Step One

Brush over the entire surface of the chairs (and table) using a coarse hand wire brush in order to give the new paint a proper key. Alternatively, if you have a big power tool with large abrasive brush head to do this, it will make the job much faster. This will also help to cause loose paint to flake off, identify any areas of rust around bolts, for example, and allow you to brush away any green moss or mould that has been growing.

Step Two

Next, take your new cordless Dremel 8200 multitool and attach the EZ SpeedClic mandrel (SC402), and either the EZ SpeedClic fine/medium/coarse Abrasive Buffs (511S, 512S) for sanding across a flat surface or the EZ SpeedClic Detailed Abrasive Brushes (471S, 472S, 473S) which glide over a carved or patterned surface sanding gently. Carefully sand down the surrounding edges of the little chipped areas where paint has flaked off. Check for rust and smooth and clear this using your Dremel 8200 multitool and the Dremel aluminium oxide grinding wheel (541). This will then give you a perfectly smooth surface to paint over.

Step Three

Prime the affected areas using a metal paint primer.

Step Four

Paint or spray-paint on metal paint in a lovely colour – we’ve chosen a gorgeous teal blue to fit in with the new ‘bright’ colours trend in the garden this year - and, lo and behold, you have a ‘new’ set of garden chairs and table for your long weekend meals in the mellow Autumn sunshine.