A NEWPORT schoolboy has been hailed a hero by his teachers for helping a fellow youngster who got into distress on a cliff face at the beach.

Thirteen-year-old Caleb Meates was visiting Porthcawl with his mother and grandparents last month when he heard someone calling for help from the rocks.

He went to investigate and found a 12-year-old boy who had fallen two or three metres down the cliff while walking his dog and was unable to move.

The Lliswerry High School pupil dialled 999 and, prompted by the operator, talked to the boy to keep him calm and asked him questions to ascertain whether he had neck or spine injuries.

"His parents were at the top of the cliff and found the dog walking without him," explained Caleb, a former Cub Scout who earned two medical badges.

"He was really frightened and shocked. I knew he should stay still, I just tried to keep him calm."

Because of the precarious location where the boy had fallen, paramedics had to come in by helicopter and Caleb helped them to carry their equipment before the boy was taken away to hospital.

"His dad shook my hand and thanked me for helping," said Caleb.

Head of year 9, Grace Townsend praised Caleb, saying: "We are very proud of him," while head teacher Alyson Mills said Caleb was "a Lliswerry hero".